Lakeside Eco Camping at Bhandardara

2 Days
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Bhandardara is a treasure of natural beauty with a touch of the old world charm. The sun here glitters elegantly with its silver reflections cutting through the water till the shore; and the daily commute from one point of the lake to another even today is done by the old school boats.

A whole day can be spent just sitting by the lake and adoring its surreal landscapes. But for adventurers, there are enough treks to go around.

Venture out for an extravagant camping fun where you will not just camp besides the lake, have a campfire, enjoy the serenity of the lake and gorge on delicious


Maharashtrian style food. Whatever you do, make sure to have crazy experiences and countless memories amidst the treasure trove of nature called Bhandardara!!!

This is a CarvanTrips Select location: A personalised Road Trip & Adventure experience which requires no minimum booking and no dependency on any group. A fun new way of discovering Hidden locations, Secret campsites, Adventure activities and unique experiences on your own without the worry of uncertainties. Each of these destinations come highly recommended by our past travellers and Carvan Trips endorses these only after personally visiting there.

Date: Every weekend

Time – 4:30 PM

Trip Charges:


Adult:     Rs. 1,250 (without 5%GST)


Kids:       Rs. 900 (without 5%GST)


Includes – Evening Snacks OR BBQ, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch (All meals both Veg and Non Veg), Accommodation in tents, sleeping blanket and mattress inside.

Excludes  5% GST, Pillows, Transport till the campsite and back and anything not mentioned in “includes”.

Contact number – 08976949403

Note – The price mentioned does not include transport. We encourage people to bring their own vehicle (Be it Car, Bike, Bus, etc.) for a fun ride. 

Detailed Itinerary

 Day 1 

Reach the base village before sunset by 5pm and head to the lakeside for camping. Enjoy the sunset and the surroundings. Later enjoy a Campfire (Create your own story telling, games, music and other fun activities around the fire). Have Dinner and Sleep early so that you can spend a little time around the lakeside next morning or maybe catch the sunrise.

 Day 2

Next morning, wake-up and spend some time around the lake, go on your own photography escapade as Bhandardara is strikingly beautiful. After a fulfilling morning adventure, have tea and breakfast, pack your own luggage or gears and later disperse with beautiful memories

Dates & Prices

Start-End Dates Price Trip Status Number of travellers
Get a discount of 5% on booking 5 or more.
19th Jan 2019 - 20th Jan 20191250Available
Get a discount of 5% on booking 5 or more.
26th Jan 2019 - 27th Jan 20191250Available
Get a discount of 5% on booking 5 or more.
2nd Feb 2019 - 3rd Feb 20191250Available
Get a discount of 5% on booking 5 or more.
9th Feb 2019 - 10th Feb 20191250Available
Get a discount of 5% on booking 5 or more.
16th Feb 2019 - 17th Feb 20191250Available
Get a discount of 5% on booking 5 or more.
23rd Feb 2019 - 24th Feb 20191250Available

Things to wear:

·           Full/ Half sleeve T-shirt with stretchable Gym Pants/ Yoga/ Track pants/ Shorts. Please DO NOT WEAR Denims or formals.

·           Good Quality Trekking/ Hiking shoes Compulsory (Floaters and Sandals are not allowed) or a comfortable pair of sport shoes with a good grip. Please don’t wear formal/ casual/ leather shoes & please ensure the shoes are of good quality & not old as to avoid wear & tear especially of the shoe sole.

·           Wind cheater/ Water proof Jacket


Things to be carried by you:

·                Water (2 Litres) Compulsory

·                Food (Dry Snacks, Biscuits, Theplas, Parathas), Plum cakes, Fruits (Banana) for the Summit

·                Personal First Aid Kit 

·                Cap, goggles, sunscreen etc. 

·                Electral powder / Glucon D / Tang

·                A backpack to carry everything (No handbags or jholas)

·                Personal Sanitary Kit

·                Extra Pair of Clothes and socks

·                A light pair of slippers in the bag (for post trek).


•     Please refrain from consuming Alcohol or any intoxicant up till 24 hours before the trek as it may cause severe dehydration, nausea, vomiting and risk to life.

•     Avoid carrying heavy weight backpack for this trek. Keep everything covered in a plastic bag as there can be chances of raining.

•     The food provided would be simple village food

•     This is a budget nature trip. The facilities available at the campsite are minimal. The tents are simple but cozy, non-luxury tents. The food will be simple but tasty authentic village food.

•     Since the campsite is at an eco-sensitive zone, permanent toilets are not available at the campsite but can be accessed at a walking distance.

•     In case of any unexpected change in weather or other unforeseen situations that are beyond our control and due to which camping may not be feasible, the operator will try their best to make alternate stay arrangements in the nearby homestay OR village (subject to availability).

•     In case it rains, campfire will not be possible.

•     The itinerary is indicative only. A circumstantial delay can be expected on the day. Please make post trip plans after adding a buffer accordingly.