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“Never before had I felt so much tranquility and peace drift through the air. When I look around, for a moment I feel I am in paradise, well almost. I realized I am in Kasol”.

This quaint part of the himalayas is the perfect brew for quenching the adventure seeking thirsty souls.

Kasol, the quintessential Himalayan village, or you may call it, the hippie’s paradise, is beside the banks of the Parvati River and nestled between the picturesque mountains and the Parvati valley, Walk through the bends of the mountain roads and more often than not, you will be welcomed with the smell of burning herbs coursing through the otherwise unpolluted air of this region. When in Kasol, don’t be surprised if sometimes you get to hear booming techno music from the thicket. You never know you may come across one of the many hidden psychedelic parties conducted out in the forests by the local Israelis settled in this region.

Kasol is a laid back place where even the air is filled with intoxication. Here the days turn to weeks and weeks to months for thousands of travellers. If you go a little far, you’ll chance upon the beautiful little town of Malana. which is famous world over for ‘Malana cream’, a strain of Cannabis hashish.  Villagers here call themselves descendants of Alexander the Great and their local court system even today reflects the ancient Greek law.

When exploring this beautiful stretch of the Parvati Valley Circuit, one cannot just come back without visiting Tosh and venturing out for a trek to Kheerganga. The Trek is among the snow-capped peaks, through the pristine forests, and you’re finally rewarded with a dip in the Hot Water Springs with a view to kill for.

Camping overnight here in the meadows and waking up to the majestic view of ice cones towering all over will remind you of the screensavers you’ve always dreamed of visiting once in your lifetime!

All of this is on a platter for you, you get to travel the way you love to, along with a subtle touch of our expertise. Carvan Trips is conducting a “Pay As You Go” trip to the Parvati Valley Circuit of Kasol, Malana, Tosh and Kheerganga, where you pay for your individual expenses by yourself over the course of the journey by registering with us just for INR 1,000! So waste no time & money and say goodbye to your traditional travel stories, get the feel of a proper backpacking trip out there in the heart of Himalayas.

NOTE: This is a pay as you travel trip. So you pay for your individual expenses by yourself over the course of the journey by registering with us just for INR 1,000. The money we are charging is not any package charge. Registering with us will give you the ease of traveling in a group led by experts. Pay as You Go will give each individual a complete backpacking experience.

Indicative Itinerary:
Day 1: 27th May Saturday : New Delhi to Kasol(534 km / 12 hours)
06:00 pm: Meetup at Kashmere Gate McDonalds and depart for Bhuntar by bus
Day 2: 28th May Sunday: Kasol
Reach Bhuntar and transfer to another bus to reach Kasol, head to a nearby homestay and rest.
Rest of the evening is kept free to discover Kasol town on foot. Relax by the beautiful Parvati River, haunt nearby cafes and indulge in delicious Israeli food you get in abundance out there.
Day 3: 29th May Monday :  Kasol to Tosh via Rasol (20 km / 9 hours)
Reach Chalal and start your trek to Rashol OR there is an optional trek To Malana. In the evening, reach Tosh, transfer to a guest house and rest.
Tosh lies on the slope of a mountain overlooking a river and a waterfall and distinct smell of Marijuana is the first impression of Tosh. Evening is kept free to wander about this lovely little village
Day 4: 30th May Tuesday : Trek to Kheerganga
Start trekking to Kheerganga. Reach summit and visit the hot spring up at the summit.
We spend the night at the summit inside tented accommodations or in the trek huts available there.
Day 5: 31st May Wednesday : Trek down from Kheerganga
Visit the splendid Natural hot water spring again just a few paces away from the Kheerganga summit and return to Kheerganga. Have chai and breakfast at Kheerganga. Reach Tosh and have lunch at a local restaurant.
We stay at Tosh for the day in a homestay or a guest-house and spend the rest of the evening chilling or exploring the quaint but famous village.
Day 6: 1st June Thursday : Tosh ( 12 hours)
In the morning one can choose to venture out for an optional short trek. There are two short but beautiful treks around Tosh, through the forest to a headland which offer amazing view of the waterfall and the river. OR one can also choose to relax at a local hippie cafe or a joint for one last time. Reach Bhuntar and freshen up at a local cafe and leave for New Delhi after finishing dinner
Day 7: 2nd June Friday: Arrive Delhi in the morning  
After breakfast we depart for our respective destinations with a heavy baggage of memories.

Dates & Prices

Start-End Dates Price Trip Status Number of travellers
27th May 2017 - 2nd Jun 20171000Available

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Event Start Date : 26th May - 2nd June
NOTE: This is a pay as you travel trip. So you pay for your individual expenses by yourself over the course of the journey by registering with us just for INR 1,000. The money we are charging is not any package charge. Registering with us will give you the ease of traveling in a group led by experts plus the benefit of guidance throughout the trip including bookings. Pay as You Go will give each individual a complete backpacking experience.
How transportation will be done:
Participants can choose to travel with us via train or respectively reach New Delhi at the designated time. We will be travelling together Delhi onwards.
Meeting point - Kashmere Gate Mc Donalds, Delhi @ 6 PM
Contact Number: 8976949403