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  • A major area of strength for Caravan Trips is the punctuality. In spite of difficulties the time schedule was adhered to on most of the occasions. The planning involved was excellent. It was a great experience to enjoy the trek as a part of a 41 strong group. Though I was traveling as a lone individual, efforts were made to increase the bonding between participants which was really quite warm. The happiness spread by the team coordinators was also a great welcome. Accommodation could slightly be a point of complaining for a complete stranger to such environment, but for me it wasn't an issue at all. Whatever was available even that sometimes seems difficult in such terrain. Overall a near excellent performance!

  • Kalsubai is the tallest peak in Maharashtra, and the only way to find out just how tall it is, is to trek up to the summit. Carvan Trips organized the night trek and the execution was flawless. Right from arranging a bus, to arranging breakfast and lunch at the end of trek. There was always one of their members around to help trekkers in need, and to offer encouragement when required. Their task was more daunting because a lot of the trekkers were first-timers and for them to reach the summit after a gruelling trek is a tremendous achievement for the organizers. Keep it up, good folks at Carvan Trips. I'll look forward to joining you for more adventures like this one.

  • Carvan trips had made an amazing arrangement by the serene lake near Kasara (3 hrs from Mumbai). Away from the bustle of the city and all the buzz that surrounds new year this experience was different, where we were with friends by the lake and camp fire, relishing barbecue and grilled veggies. Would like to do it again if there is another such outing. Thank you Carvan trips

  • Carvan trips proved exactly why I love travelling so much. The group for my Rann of Kutch trip consisted only of 12 people, and that is how I wanted it. Since it was a small group we could make changes to our itinerary to try and cover as much sightseeing as possible! The hotel accommodation arranged was perfect, bonfires to beat the cold were an added bonus. Food was also not an issue as it was parcelled for us by the hotel incase we didn't have time to eat. This was easily one of the best trips I have had, beautifully arranged by Sharad and Gunjan. I am definitely going on more trips with Carvan! You guys are awesome :)

  • Excellent experience with team leaders Prateik & Vrisha of Caravan trips @prabalmachi camping along with Kalavantin Durg trek. Tent accommodation, food & all other organisation par excellence... Keep it up...hope to go again with them soon.

  • Went on a all girls Kaas trip with Carvan Trips and had a great experience. They are very accommodating. Both our hosts Wrisha and Pratik were extremely friendly and patient. The local lunch that they provided was to die for. They also ensured that I got a transport back home after arriving back to Mumbai. Totally considering another trip with them! �

  • I went on a heritage cycle ride with Carvan Trips, and I can't help but say that I loved it. It was a small group of people who got quickly acquainted with each other. Sharad and Sunaam did a wonderful job of conducting the tour. Finally, I learnt so many new things about Mumbai's rich history, some of which left me astounded. I highly recommend this trip not only to visitors to the city, but also to residents of Mumbai. Living within the city makes us take so much for granted that sometimes we forget that the city has an identity of its own. Cycling through the streets of South Bombay is a great way to discover and understand that identity and renew our connections with the city that we call home

  • If one was to think of a perfect balance between adventure, relaxation, excitement and surprise one should allow Carvan Trips to plan their next vacation. Curiosity is their brightest gift, so remember regular and obvious is never on the itinerary. Research may be king but the true thrill is in knowing the crazy stories and conspiracies that make a place unique, and they sure know how to feed your inquisitive mind. Take a trip and tell me how is went, I have personally trotted a lot of unexplored parts of this country in their company and I wouldn't change anything about those trips.

    - Aksha Sachdev