Uncover India Through Road Trips – 4 Reasons Why!

Not only is India huge, it is extremely rich and diverse when it comes to geography and cultures represented. One of the best ways to uncover India is through road trips, and here are four reasons why –

1. Excellent Connectivity:
India has many excellent road trip routes, that allow you to cover multiple cities and regions in one go, whether it be an expedition throughout the North East, North India from Delhi to Punjab to Himachal, Delhi to Rajasthan, around South India, or along the Konkan-Maharashtrian route. Regardless of whether you have a lot of time or are looking for a quick weekend road trip, the possibilities of routes are endless!

2. Enriching & Interactive:
Road trips allow you to interact with locals and learn about their tradition and customs, adding a whole other dimension to your journey. Furthermore, you get to cover territory hands-on, which isn’t possible through a quick flight. The bottom line – road trips are an enriching and rewarding experience.

3. Don’t Miss Out:
Unlike flights, traveling by road allows you to stop and take notice of change in scenery throughout India’s diverse geography. You don’t have to miss out on the smaller and finer details of traveling, because you are in full control when you decide to hit the road.

4. Adventures of a Lifetime:
Most importantly, road trips are an excellent way to experience adventure and to build memories to last a lifetime and that fuel umpteen stories to share for years to come. Live life like an explorer – hit the road!

~ Amanda Sodhi

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Busy With Work? 5 Tips for Efficient Travel 

With more and more people working overtime and work responsibilities often including extensive travel, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. Here are five useful tips to make traveling efficient for busy professionals!

1. An App A Day Keeps Stress Away 
Use apps to make travel stress-free, whether it be to book hotels and air tickets, or to keep tabs of all your reservations and itineraries. It is much easier to access everything on-the-go from one mobile device, rather than sifting through multiple sources. Needless to say, regardless of whether you book through an app or not, avoid layovers and connecting flights to ensure no time is wasted through delays while commuting.

2. Your Luggage Should Be Your Precious 
Yes, we had to pull the “My Precious” reference, but, it is true – carrying luggage on-board helps minimize risk of it getting lost and also a long wait time at the baggage carousel. However, IF you must check-in your luggage, label it as “fragile,” so people take extra precaution in handling it, and also because it is more likely your luggage will be returned quickly.

3. Mix Work With Pleasure
If you are out for a business trip, try to extend your stay by a few days to explore local surroundings – this is a cost-effective way to travel, so go ahead and morph your business trip into a vacation at the end. Also, keep a list of friends and potential work contacts to network with during your stay – combine work and leisure.

4. Be Efficient
Setup an out-of-office assistant when required while traveling, so all professional contacts know whom to get in touch with when you are unavailable. Select hotels where there is free WiFi, so you can complete work efficiently. Expect delays, so multitask by finishing pending work while en-route, or read that book you always wanted to but had no time for, or pay those pending bills when you have time to kill. After landing, if you do not have a pick-up arranged prior to arrival, go ahead and book an Uber (or, it’s local equivalent) while exiting the airport, so it arrives by the time you are out of the airport.

5. Stay Healthy
An unhealthy professional is seldom a productive professional. Make sure you get enough rest before flying out so you can stay on top of your work game once you land. Keep a first-aid kit and important medication handy. Try to carry a meal and healthy snacks, to avoid consuming junk food and falling ill. Also, stay hydrated as much as you can.

~Amanda Sodhi

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5 Hiking Tips to Make Your Experience Stress-Free 

A good ol’ hike can be tons of fun – getting up close and personal with nature, being adventurous and exploring unseen locations is a thrilling experience. But, there are a few do’s and don’ts one should be mindful of when planning a hiking trip, especially if you’re a newbie, to make the whole experience stress-free.

1. Flock Together
If you have never been on a hiking trip before, it is highly recommended to go with a group. You will learn the ins and outs from your peers and will have fun socializing with other who also love being out and about in nature. Also, hiking in a group is safer, and you can even think of adding a campout to your hiking expedition for added thrills.

2. Know Your Comfort Zone
While it is good to push yourself in most life situations, do not push yourself out of your comfort zone when hiking if you are a beginner. This ALSO holds true if you have any health-related conditions which could cause serious issues on an extreme difficulty level hike. Hiking is supposed to be enjoyable, not boot-camp.

3. Layer It Up
Firstly, check the weather forecast before you set off to hike. Accordingly, wear layered clothing, especially if there is a possibility of weather fluctuating throughout the trip. Long-sleeves are useful in most situations, because it aids with safety during mosquito season. Make sure you carry any weather-related essentials, if you are expecting cold weather, rain or extreme sunlight. Also, avoid cotton and denim – if you get wet, this could result in hypothermia given the nature of cotton as a fabric. lastly, carry an extra change of clothing, including extra socks, and wear comfortable shoes that support your ankles and provide sufficient grip.

source: camping.lovetoknow.com
source: camping.lovetoknow.com

4. Travel Light, But Be Thorough 
It is important to travel light because you don’t want to get exhausted while hiking uphill because you have an overstuffed bag. At the same time, you need to be thorough in your packing to avoid missing out on any essentials. It is recommended you carry belongings in a waterproof bag with sufficient storage compartments and keep the following handy: plastic bags, pocket knife, lighter/matches, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, extra socks, flashlight, batteries, emergency food and water supply, pepper spray, bug spray, whistle, first aid kit, phone power bank, toilet kit, hand sanitizer and emergency contact info.

5. Safe, Not Sorry 
While hiking, make sure you practice various safety measures, such as pacing yourself so you don’t get exhausted quickly, taking enough breaks to recharge yourself, staying hydrated to avoid falling ill and not touching unknown plants and animals. Start on time, because a late start will cause a late return, and unknown areas become difficult to navigate post-sunset. Most importantly, make sure you tell someone where you are going and when you are expected to return, in case of an emergency.

~Blog Written By: Amanda Sodhi
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Don’t Be That Type of Traveler – 8 Types of Travelers We Always Run Into!

It’s inevitable – we are bound to come across many interesting characters when travelling in groups. Often, we also end up running into the following types of irritating travellers that drive us up the wall with their antics. Read on!

It’s inevitable – we are bound to come across many interesting characters when traveling in groups. Often, we also end up running into the following eight types of irritating travelers that drive us up the wall with their antics. Read on!

Image Source: kingofwallpapers.com

The Free Ka Maal Chindis

These people are easy to spot because they make no effort to cover up their love for freebees. Be it hotel soaps, toothbrushes, shampoos and towels or complimentary breakfasts, these people love anything with the word FREE!
Image Source: compersnews.com

The Bak-Bak Masters

There is bound to be at least one person who is not only obnoxiously loud, but also overly enthusiastic about chatting away with everyone and anyone. Their conversations and booming voice can easily wake up anyone who is trying to catch a quick nap on a bus or in a train (imagine Jab We Met’s Geet!).

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

The PDA Lovebirds 

Often, you’ll come across lovebird couples who go overboard with PDAs. Their baby talk and Siamese-twins type body language will either make you cringe or turn away annoyed with embarrassment. But, nope, they could be least bothered by your discomfort!

Image Source: Gretchenrubin.com 

The Late Lateefs

These are the worst type of travelers – constantly late, they’ll always rain on any tour group’s parade. And, they have no shame if everyone is behind schedule due to their lack of punctuality!

Image Source: TechDigest.tv

The Picture Un-Perfects 

All of us have come across people who need help in clicking their (or their group’s) photos. But, some have a consistent habit of wanting others to click photos of them in every single possible place. And, they want you to patiently click a zillion photos of them while they pose in various styles and pout. Get a selfie stick dude!

Image Source: AllWideWallpapers.com

The Complaint Boxes 

Some people can never be content. It can be quite a pain when you run into grumpy people on a trip who down everyone’s morale with their constant complaining about the hotels not being up to the mark, the food not being good enough, the itinerary not being well-planned out, the seats not being comfy enough. Yep, you got the point. They have nothing positive to say and can’t enjoy anything!

Image Source: QuotesGram.com

The Know-It-All Snobs

There is bound to be at least one show off in a tour group who likes to one-up everyone, including the tour guide, trying to prove they’re the biggest travel junkie who knows it all and is a pro at everything. Give it a rest, buddy!

Image Source: BigalManack.com

The Paranoid Phattus

Eternally scared, there are bound to be highly phattu people in every travel group, skeptical of trying anything that involves the r-word: RISK! These worry warts are quick to say no at any given opportunity.

Let us know what your most irritating travel experience is, and tag a friend below who you know is guilty of one of these habits!

~ Amanda Sodhi

Like the Adrenaline Rush? Check Out the Best Places in India for Adventure Sports!

Some of us are pure adrenaline junkies ready to go to any extent for some thrills. Just the idea of adventure gets us excited. If you happen to have a daredevil streak in you, we are sure adventure sports are certainly on your bucket list. In case you are wondering how and where to get started, we’ve compiled a handy list of the best locations in India best to various adventure sports. On your mark. Get set. Go!

Some of us are pure adrenaline junkies ready to go to any extent for some thrills. Just the idea of adventure gets us excited. If you happen to have a daredevil streak in you, we are sure adventure sports are certainly on your bucket list. In case you are wondering how and where to get started, we’ve compiled a handy list of the best locations in India best to various adventure sports. On your mark. Get set. Go!

Paragliding & Skiing


Image Source: HotelMonaLisa.in

Whether it be skiing down slippery slopes or flying freely like a bird amidst scenic skies, Manali is an excellent place to experience both activities, even if you are a beginner.

Hard-Core Skiing


Image Source: AdventureWorlds.in

Set in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand, Auli is hands down the best place in India for all things skiing related, including for pros! And, of course, the magical view of snow-capped mountains is breathtaking.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling


Image Source: Rltgo.com

Many people added scuba diving and snorkeling to their bucket lists and dosti lists after Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara released. Well, if underwater activities catch your fancy, Andaman Islands is where you need to head to pronto. You’ll love the wide variety of water sports you can take part in there, ranging from scuba diving and snorkeling to parasailing and undersea walking. Another excellent destination for scuba diving and snorkeling is the highly underrated Lakshadweep Islands.

Hot Air Ballooning


Image Source: AdventureHoney.com

There is something regal and relaxing about watching everything from a distance in a hot air balloon – Jaipur is one of the first few cities in India to introduce this wondrous experience, and of course, there are many other amazing sights and activities to take part in across all of Rajasthan!



If you’re a beach bum at heart and the waves tug at your heart, then you might just enjoy surfing, and THE place to experience it is none other than Gokarna. Of course, Gokarna is a fantastic tourist destination beyond water sports, too, with a bustling hippie lifestyle scene, as well.

Dune Bashing


Image Source: RajasthanTourismBuzz.wordpress.com

No need to head all the way to Dubai to bash dunes, we’ve got a much closer option for you – Jaisalmer! And, while you’re there you might as well also experience other activities like camel riding and visiting haunted spots spread across Rajasthan.



Image Source: PeakAdventure.Tumblr.com

The Himalayas are an excellent destination for trekking enthusiasts, with options for both beginners and seasoned pros. Alternatively, you can also check out Arunachal Pradesh, which is also equally as stunning as a backdrop.

So, where do you plan on heading to next and which adventure sport are you going to dare to try? Comment below and let us know!

~Amanda Sodhi