4 Reasons Why Sustainable Travel Is the Need of the Hour

Ecotourism is sustainable tourism; and, it is the need of the hour. Hence, more and more international hotel chains, attraction providers and tour operators are practicing being environmentally responsible. Sustainable tourism is the ideal norm to move toward because it is friendly on three fronts – environmentally, economically and socio-culturally. Let’s walk you through this in-depth…

1. Preservation 
Sustainable tourism helps preserve the natural and built environment, ensuring areas and resources can be used by future generation. Sustainable tourism is about thinking long-term.

2. Diversity:
Sustainable tourism encourages positive developments, especially cultural exchange and preserving local traditions. India is so diverse when it comes to cultures represented that sustainable tourism helps promote our cultural richness and celebrate it at all levels. It also aids with education surrounding diversity and creating a dialogue between different communities – it fosters awareness and greater understanding.

3. Win-Win Scenario:
Not only does sustainable tourism help preserve the environment and tradition while also being cost-effective, it also helps involve local populations in the tourism industry, creating a win-win situation where locals get jobs and visitors get more authentic travel experiences.

4. Millenial Appeal:
The millenial generation, which has immense buying power, is a generation which is socially conscious and they make choices regarding whom to travel with based on several factors, including ethical business practices. Organizations that practice sustainable tourism are likely to appeal to this market.

~Amanda Sodhi

Featured image source: puretravel.com

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